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What if I have to cancel my class?
Just let us know by text or email and we will update your schedule. This will send a cancellation email to any clients who are registered for that class.

How will I know if my class was booked?
You will receive a confirmation email when booked. You will also see the name(s) of the client(s) appear on an event on your google calendar.

Can clients book a class minutes before class starts, or can we set a block for when we no longer accept booking for a class?
Clients are able to book up to 4 hours before the start of the session. This is customizable upon request.

How much can I charge?
Whatever you’d like, assuming your client is willing to accept. Since this is a research study we recommend charging a lower rate to start, depending on your certification and experience: $5-$15 per person per class, $25-$55 per private/duet sessions.

I don’t have a client to work with but I’d still like to participate in the beta study. Do you have clients I could work with?
Core to Coeur has clients and classes you could teach upon request. Please note however that you will be paid according to Core to Coeur policy: 80% take home for the teacher per session.

What happens if my client cancels?
You and the client will both receive an email showing the booking was cancelled. The client will receive their money back in full if cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of class. This is also customizable upon request.

When do I get paid?
Payment disperses immediately after your class finishes. Options include Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, mailed check, indicated on your registration form. Please allow 2-3 business days for payment to complete.

Where do I find an adjustable device stand?
We use both a computer and this device stand for teaching. Here is another one of our tripod favorites for phones.

Can I mix and match what I teach, for example, 1 group class, 1 workshop OR Pilates and yoga?
Absolutely, as long as you are certified to teach it! Let us know when and what you’d like to teach on your registration form.